Super Elite is not just football, it is a Movement. A Culture that is built through Mentorship of our next up and coming generation. We provide a grassroots movement through professional athletes in the CFL and top quality Coaches giving back. Super Elite has given back to more then 10,000 kids throughout Canada and is continuing to grow every year. From Motivational talks to Anti-Bullying seminars Super Elite's Staff have dedicated themselves to provide amazing opportunities to our up and coming youth, creating Experiences they will never forget! 

Super Elite has become the #1 Camp in the province by helping give kids the tools for success. By creating a Positive learning environment we make opportunities for kids to not only get to the next level in football, but also help build who that athlete is through self confidence and character building. Over the past 10 years Super Elite has created an unbelievable culture of positive Coaching and opportunity for kids to learn from the Pros - Something we are Very Proud of.